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That's right I did it. The 5-foot-5 Urijah Faber gave it to me and I took it. Sure it's a weak line. The former WEC featherweight champ showed off his pitching skills at a recent Stockton Ports game. We don't have confirmation on whether he hit the catcher's mitt with his heater but it must've been pretty solid because the Oakland A's have asked Faber to throw out the first pitch at their game against Seattle on May 26.

Faber certainly couldn't have been as bad Howard Stern's producer Gary Dell'Abate. The former president George W. Bush is nearly 63 years old and he nailed the mitt! Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were awful. This baby T-Rex was even worse. This San Diego schmuck takes the cake.

You got to love minor league baseball promotions. Faber was part of a weekend that included the former champ, the Camaro and Smokey the Bear. Miguel Torres was slated to throw out the first pitch at a Chicago White Sox last week but the game was canceled because of bad weather.

Sorry for the crack on the height Urijah, I stole the joke from Carlos Mencia. At least I didn't rip on the flip flops.

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