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Do you have a couple hundred dollars to blow and a dream to hang out with "The Last Emperor?" Good news. It's possible! Paradise Warrior Retreat Center and the fine folks at M-1 are sponsoring a two-day event the weekend of the Strikeforce fights in Chicago. 

Seriously, on day one, Saturday, November 7, learn takedowns and grappling from Andrei Arlovski and Renato "Babalu" Sobral. I'd have to imagine that they won't teach striking defense. There will also be an opening ceremony with a special guest. OK guys, I'll tell you. The special guest is me.* 

It's day two where things really get interesting. Since it's the day after Fedor fights Brett Rogers and Gegard Mousasi takes on Thierry Sokoudjou, the retreat will have a "post-mortem" session with the fighters. This will be great if both Fedor and Mousasi win, but, what happens if Rogers and Soko pull upsets?

"Fedor, how did it feel to get knocked out?"

"Gegard, what were you thinking when you were getting choked out?"

It should be fun! If this is your sort of party, click here for more information. If not, sit back and giggle with me.

*The special guest is not me. More than likely, it will be someone a whole lot more special than me.

Thanks to Fight! Magazine for the heads up. 

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