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All it takes is a little trash talk or perceived disrespect to get the juices flowing for Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Over the weekend on Twitter @rampage4real, the former UFC champ sounded disappointed that he was booked to fight Matt Hamill at UFC 130 in May.

Hamill is filling in for Thiago Silva. Initially there were rumors the fill-in would be Rashad Evans. That fight never came to fruition, so Hamill it is. 

Jackson's manager Anthony McGann told Yahoo! Sports' that Hamill's been running his mouth and it's lit a fire under Rampage.

"We found out that Matt Hamill actually requested to fight Rampage. His camp pushed hard for it turning down other possible opponents. When Quinton found this out, his opinion rapidly changed on Matt Hamill," McGann said. "Matt's strategically aiming at Quinton with the words if he takes out the ex-champ then he's in the mix for a shot. Those are brave words considering Rampage just beat (Lyoto) Machida. So the fight is set for May 28, Rampage doesn't take lightly to being called out."

Jackson said bring it on.

"He wants me? Well, he can have me," Jackson told Yahoo! Sports. "I'm gonna knock him into tomorrow."

McGann also wanted to clear the air about what happened when Jackson was offered UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio "Shogun" Rua on short notice.

"We were signed to fight Thiago Silva on May 28 in Las Vegas. He had some problems and we were told straight away," McGann said. "Around the same time Rashad (Evans) got injured and we were offered Shogun on short notice."

Rumors had it that Jackson was walking around in the 250-pound neighborhood in . 

"Quinton wanted the fight but he was too heavy and there wasn't enough time. Both Thiago and Shogun, are guys that will get into a fight with Quinton, something his last two opponents haven't. (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva gave (Jon) 'Bones' Jones the opportunity (to fight Rua), as he was good with the short time and we waited for our opponent."

McGann explained that the Hamill offer caught Team Rampage off guard.

"We were given Hamill on the May show and initially Quinton was disappointed. Matt just wasn't one of the guys he has been focusing on. He really wants Rashad again or Stephen Bonnar because both guys are disrespectful to him," McGann said. "He respects Matt as a tough opponent and he believes that Matt is someone who will put on a show which is what he loves to do. He just had never paid him no mind until Joe Silva offered him."

Silva was forced off the card because some of his drug test samples, from his win at UFC 125 over Brandon Vera, were in question.

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