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Welcome to the big leagues James Krause. Krause came into with a gaudy unbeaten record but it was clear he'd never faced anyone with dynamic standup. Krause, a takedown specialist, couldn't gauge distance and just stood in front of Cerrone with his hands down trying to set up the takedown.

The Missouri-native threw wild right hand leads and left himself open. Cerrone (10-1, 3-1 WEC) finally nailed Krause with a left and a right that floored the formerly unbeaten fighter. "Cowboy" jumped on top and eventually got Krause's back. He sat up and pounded Krause (10-1, 0-1 WEC) eventually flattening him out where he put on a rear-naked choke at 4:38 of the first round.

Cerrone was asked by WEC announcer Craig Hummer about his war of words with WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner:

"If I see [Jamie] Varner in the street I'm going to punch him in the mouth ... with his nice shiny suit."

Cerrone and Varner fought a classic battle back at WEC 38 in San Diego in December. The fight ended early in the fifth round when Varner was unable to continue because of a knee to the eye. Since then Varner has received a rash of negative talk on the internet from fans who thought he took the easy way out. Varner was in the crowd at Arco Arena and was booed loudly when shown on the big screen.

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