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Make sure you check out "Countdown to UFC 100" on SPIKE tonight. The producers did a brilliant job of mixing together Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir watching the replay of their first fight at UFC 81. This is why this fight is so cool. The trash talk between the two as they watch at separate locations is dynamite.

Lesnar is in good spirits until the fight turns then he unloads on referee Steve Mazzagatti. Lesnar gets pissed watching Mazzagatti managing the end of the fight:

"I don't know how many times I had to tap his leg. Mazzagatti is [expetive] dickhead. He should be thrown out of the [expletive] arena. I'd like to punch his [expletive] moustache right off his face."

One minute later during "Countdown to UFC 100" Lesnar explodes again and then storms out of the room (pictured):

"How times did I tap his leg? Man, I hate that guy. Okay I'm done, I'm out of here."

Lesnar throws off his microphone and then punches a door off its hinges on the way out of the room. The breakdown of the submission itself is comical. Lesnar says it was a Christmas gift:

"I handed it to him. It ain't gonna happen again, I know that for a fact."

Mir says Lesnar should be embarrassed for getting caught in that hold and takes a shot at one of the big guy's jiu-jitsu instructors Eric Paulson:

"I started cranking really hard because he put his [other] foot at my butt. Eric Paulson should've taught him that he was supposed to push to get his leg out," said a smirking Mir. "He should know about those things even at that point. That was two years of training? That was a move I learned in my first month that I tried martial arts and submissions."

Mir also says Lesnar's toughness is in question:

"I think his pain tolerance to submission moves is in question. I don't know if he's developed that yet. That comes from years and years of training in the art."

Mir says he's in Lesnar's head:

"I already have a win on him. How does that feel mentally if you lose, where does that put you? Now you have two losses to the same guy, now you're going to be at the very bottom of the heap."

Mir turns it up a notch a few minutes later rolling through boxing and jiu-jitsu terminology, then says "I'll tell you what those mean later, Brock." He laughs as he says Lesnar is still working on the basics.

There is also a spirited discussion of who is more dangerous on the feet. Lesnar laughs about Mir's "supposed" improvement. UFC color voice Joe Rogan says there's no way Mir should stand with that "gorilla."

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