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Not all MMA fights are slugfests with huge knockouts. Spencer Fisher and Caol Uno turned into a wrestling match that got booes throughout from the fight from the crowd in Cologne, Germany at UFC 99. Things heated up in the final minute when Uno scored a takedown and quickly got the mount. The 33-year-old veteran, making his return to the UFC for the first time since 2003, landed at least 15 damaging elbows and punches. It wasn't enough to gain the victory as Fisher won a unanimous decision. Ring announcer Bruce Buffer elected to not read the actual judges' scores for some reason.

UFC color voice Joe Rogan tried to play how good the grapplefest was, saying people who appreciate this kind of stuff, know this is a good fight. That's when he dropped the line about casual, drunken meatheads not understanding what was going on in the fight.

It was a nice break for Fisher bettors, who laid minus-220. The fight appeared to be razor thin. Fisher moves to 8-3 in the UFC and is clearly on the edge of the top 10 at 155 pounds.

Also join Cofield, Adam Hill from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Ariel Helwani from for another edition of the Yahoo!/ESPNRadio1100 postfight show tonight from 9-11 p.m.ET. We'll have several of the winners from UFC 99 live from Germany. You can listen here. Calls are welcome at 702-364-1100 or texts at 63532.

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