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What a disaster. Antonio Silva's controversial fight in Japan was over in the less two minutes. And it wasn't even a blow that ended the fight. Yoshihiro Nakao injured his left during an exchange on the feet. He was not hit. He simply planted in an awkward manner, limped to his left, called for a timeout and went down to the mat. The fight was given to "Big Foot" at 1:42 of the first round.

Silva (12-1) ignored his one year long suspension in the U.S. to take this fight at Sengoku 7. It'll be interesting to see if he gets to fight in the U.S. anytime soon. He doesn't have a win over a Top 15 heavyweight yet, but he's an intriguing prospect at 6-5, 260 pounds and 29 years old.

Silva's suspensionbegan in August. He clearly snubbed his nose at the penalty. Should he ever be allowed to fight in the U.S. again? If he were, would it be fair to someone like Hermes Franca who sat out his 12 months without traveling out of the country for a payday?

Nakao was actually 7-1 coming into the fight with decent wins over Don Fyre and Cabbage Correira. He's most famous for his kiss of current UFC heavyweight Heath Herring. Herring knocked out Nakao before the fight began.

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