Kevin Holland chased down alleged car thief, held him until police arrived

Kevin Holland isn't just a UFC fighter, he's also a citizen crimefighter.

Via MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, Holland chased down someone who was allegedly trying to steal a car in his neighborhood. He followed the alleged thief in his car, then got out and chased him down by foot. Holland's coach Shug Dorsey was there and posted a few photos in an Instagram story.

After Holland chased the guy down, he physically held him until the police arrived, which is when Dorsey snapped the pictures.

Holland called his coach mid-chase

Dorsey was able to get there because the chase actually went near his house in Saginaw, Texas. He told MMA Junkie that Holland called him, out of breath, and told him he was "chasing a bad guy."

“I could hear the cars turning corners,” Dorsey told MMA Junkie about an hour after the incident occurred Monday. “I asked him what streets he was on. He started telling me the streets. We joked that he was like a real cop, with us coordinating while he’s driving.”

Dorsey also told MMA Junkie that Holland had been pulling into a gas station when people started making a commotion about a car being stolen. Holland snapped into action and chased the guy down in his car and then on foot.

“He’s running the guy down and trips him,” Dorsey said via MMA Junkie. “He wrapped him up and held him until the cops get there.”

Holland, 28, had a busy weekend. He co-headlined UFC Vegas 38 with Kyle Daukaus and got knocked out by an unintentional head butt, then quickly recovered only to tap out moments later when Daukaus got him in a choke. It was controversially ruled a no contest, which made absolutely no one happy. Daukaus felt he was robbed of the win, and Holland actually agreed with him. Holland said that he and Daukaus met backstage after the fight and informally agreed to a rematch so they could finish what they started.