Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

 | 84-67
  • Batting Avg
    .243 AVG
  • Runs
    641 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    3.38 ERA
  • WHIP
    1.14 WHIP
  • Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, Fla.

    Is the Bucs offense sputtering, or is this a new normal in Tampa Bay?

    TAMPA — In the case of the 2022 Tampa Bay offense, we have evidence. We have eyewitnesses corroborated with video, and we have a paper trail of irrefutable numbers. We’re just a little wobbly on motive. Have the Bucs turned down the volume on their party-all-the-time offense because their linemen and receivers are beat up, or is this an organizational change in philosophy under Todd Bowles? ...