Nate McLouth

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 190
Bat: L
Throw: R
College: None
Birth Place: Muskegon, Michigan
Draft: 2000 25th round by the
  • Dusty Baker learns Nationals can't be trusted

    ANALYSIS/OPINION It turns out that Jim Riggleman was right. The former Washington Nationals manager may have clumsily handled the moment when he threatened to quit — and then carried out the threat in the middle of the 2011 season unless his contract option for the next season was picked up by the Lerner family, the Nationals owners. But Riggleman was right. Riggleman’s confrontation was with general manager Mike Rizzo, and perhaps was ill-advised, as Rizzo, with former World Series manager Davey Johnson in his back pocket. Rizzo called Riggleman’s bluff and let him walk at what was then the team’s high point since their first year in Washington in 2005 — one game over .500 at the half way point
  • Astros bench coach Alex Cora is a hot managerial candidate and a fleeting presence during ALCS

    HOUSTON — Alex Cora has been both omnipresent and conspicuously absent during the American League Championship Series, his name on the lips of many but his voice never heard in public and his presence scarce whenever the media has had access to the Houston Astros. Cora, the Astros’ bench coach, is the hottest managerial prospect in the game, at a time when there are several high-profile openings, but he has no interest in discussing where things stand. “I don’t know anything about it,” he said with a smile before Friday night’s Game 6, when asked about multiple reports about his immediate future. Both NBC Sports Boston and Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and The Athletic have reported that Cora,

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  • Out: Dusty Baker. In: A manager who’d better win a World Series. Apply within.

    Sports | Perspective Welcome to town, seventh manager of the Washington Nationals. Have a seat. Meet your team. Now, your job description. "Winning a lot of regular season games and winning divisions is not enough," said your new boss, General Manager Mike Rizzo. "Our goal is to win a world championship." Don't mind the seat being warm before you even sit down. The Nationals' decision Friday not to bring Dusty Baker back as manager simultaneously makes some sense and is absolutely jarring. Both can be true, and we can talk about why in a moment. But the move can't be evaluated in full now, because we don't yet know the other foot. Dusty's out despite winning 95 and 97 games in his two seasons

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