You know, it wasn't too long ago that the 2007 Boston Red Sox were left for dead. Even Deadspin editor Will Leitch piled on  last week, saying the Sox looked done after their Game 4 loss in the American League Championship Series.

"Boston's gonna be fine; as a friend told us last night, if you could build a Major League Baseball franchise from scratch, they'd look a lot like the Red Sox," Leitch wrote. "But that team, that next team, is in the future."

One week later, that future has apparently arrived.

As a Red Sox fan, watching last night's ridiculous 13-1 win over the Colorado Barneys was a joy to behold. It marked a continuation of the suddenly-loose-again Red Sox taking what the opposition gave them -- which in this case, was everything but the kitchen cabinets.

Given the fanfare that Jeff Francis has received recently from pundits like Tim Kurkjian, the merry go-round of baserunners last night was at least a little stunning. After 17 hits, 13 runs, eight walks and a partridge in a pear tree, though, it should be perfectly clear that the Sox weren't doing anything supernatural in the last three games of the Indians series. They were merely -- finally! -- playing up to their potential, with Manny Ramirez (3 for 4, two runs, two RBI) and David Ortiz (3 for 5, two RBI) again leading them.

The predictable thing, of course, is that baseball fans not affiliated with the Red Sox will continue to rally en masse against them before Game 2. They'll call for the eeeevil Boston Red Sox to "get what they have coming to them," and pray their meat grinder lineup succumbs to spritely young men like Ubaldo Jimenez, who gets the start Thursday for the Rockies.

Of course, I'm not helping this anti-Sox stuff by stirring up trouble and posting videos like this to mock Rockies fans. Dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. *grin*

Dan Lamothe writes about the Boston Red Sox year-round on his blog, Red Sox Monster.

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