Sick of the World Series, already? Not a fan of the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies? Well, hopefully this will help.

Below, you'll find links to 10 things you may not have known about the 2007 World Series, and the Red Sox, in particular. I do not know if any hypotheses can be drawn from these, but leave your thoughts in the comments section, would you?

• We'll start off with a biggie: The Red Sox want their parrot back. No questions asked, OK? Just quit messing with their established pirate mojo.

• If you want more proof that women find even the scariest-looking athletes attractive, look no further than this.

• The World Series shouldn't start on a weekday, says our man Red from Surviving Grady. "That's great for hobos and inmates, but what about the working man?"

• You may have heard that Dave Roberts will be throwing out the opening pitch at Fenway Park tonight. If you knew that a blogger had named their cat "Rocky Dave Roberts Markakat," though, it's  probably a safe bet that you're a Sox fan.

• Sarah, one of the wiseacre women at Babes Love Baseball, has penned a piece suggesting that Red Sox fans are "pretty meticulous about their nuts." Can't say I should argue, but given the whole humidor thing, I've got a question: Is it safe to say the Rockies are meticulous about their balls, too?

• Baseballs become tender when placed in a saucepan.

• In case you were wondering, Johnny Pesky is still the man.

• I'm still asking a basic question: What do the Blues Brothers think of the Rockies being on "a mission from God"?

• Memo to FOX: The Red Sox ended the "curse" in 2004. Might want to check on that.

• I had not heard this until now: There is a Rockies fan out there who is 107 years old. Whatever. We've done better before.

On that note, I'm ready for Game 1 and the impending victory of Josh Beckett over the Colorado Rockies. Like they have a chance, really. They wear purple.

Dan Lamothe writes about the Boston Red Sox year-round on his blog, Red Sox Monster.

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