Thank the baseball gods we're finally just two games from being done. This no-offense thing was getting excruciating. Now that we're under the gun again, maybe the team will finally loosen up a little. At least tonight we got half of the winning equation, holding Boston to just two runs is probably about as good as can be expected with the way the Red Sox are playing right now. U-ball was just about the same as he's been all post-season, mixing just enough brilliance with just enough control lacking rookie-ness to keep it close but also make things hard on the bullpen. We've just got to score more next time. Willy Taveras and Ryan Spilborghs are having the worst time of it, it seems to me, just not a lot of good contact from the top or bottom of our order.

I'm incredibly giddy right now despite being down 0-2. Saturday night will be my first World Series game, and my first opportunity to see my Rockies at Coors in a World Series game. It doesn't get any better than that unless one of you can guarantee a Rockies win. I'll be dispatching from Denver the next couple of days and hunting for the Rockies missing offense in LoDo.

I've got to get some sleep for the flight though, more from Denver tomorrow.

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