Some of you have observed in the comments section today that Miss Rox Girl has been conspicuously silent. In all fairness, it should be noted that she's flying to Denver today for Game 3 of the series, which is tomorrow night.
What that means in the interim, of course, is that Rockies fans are stuck with me talking about how Jonathan Papelbon and Hideki Okajima stole your lunch money by beating Colorado on a night where they did almost everything right. (Seriously. I believe this. And Ubaldo Jimenez? Wow.)
Without further ado, then, here's a look at what bloggers on both sides have to say today, beginning with the Greatest Puppet of All-Time.
-- Jonathan Papelbon: Now Available in Fully-Poseable Puppet Form:  "First things first, could we please get some props for those dudes who constructed their own Papel-Bot marionette last night, complete with moving legs for instant "Riverdance" action? As we speak, there are kids wasting precious time in shop classes making bird houses and end tables and beat-down sticks, but what's the real value? Get those kids collaborating on a full line of Red Sox-themed signs and puppets, though, and I guarantee you'll cut juvenile delinquency in half. Who's got time for mugging the elderly when there are wooden David Ortiz figures to be carved?" (Surviving Grady)
-- Any Way You Want It: "This one ... this one was not easy. This one had that postseason feel to it. That "this could go completely to s--t at any second" feel. This is something I'm used to. But Schilling did what he's capable of doing and, once he got it together after a slow start, pitched a beautiful game. Of course, the Sox would be nowhere this season, or this postseason, without their bullpen, Manny Delcarmen Bullpen Band and all. Okajima, in particular, has pitched more than I often think is strictly wise, but has risen to the challenge every time. And just think, this is the guy we got to keep Matsuzaka company." (Basegirl)
-- Everything's Coming Up Roses: "Terry Francona and the management team look like geniuses (genii? Why do some words change like that but others don't? Like anus - shouldn't it be ani? I wonder about these things) right now. They rested Okajima towards the end of the season and now he's become the amazing, lock-down closer we came to expect during the first half of the season. They stuck with Dustin Pedroia during his horrible early season slump and he's going to be Rookie of the Year and one of their postseason MVPs. They stuck with JD Drew through his whole bad season and now he has 11 RBI in 12 postseason games." (Red Sox Stats Guy)
And now, let's smell what the Rooooooox are cookin':
-- Friday Morning Rockpile: Barbarians and Nuts:
"Matt Holliday and the Rockies weren't Arminius and his Germanic tribes to Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox' Romans at Teutoberg Forest in Game 1 of the series. After last night, someone on this team needs to be General McAuliffe and tell the Red Sox, "NUTS!" Give up and let the Red Sox win the next two? "NUTS!" Gabe's got it right, Josh Fogg is the guy we want on the mound Saturday. Again, to the Red Sox, I say, "NUTS!" (Purple Row)
-- Rox Fall 2-1 as Bats Continue Slumber: "The Rockies had plenty of opportunities to get back to Coors Field with a split in hand. They had the leadoff man aboard five times in the six innings that Boston starter Curt Schilling started in his tenure on the mound. With runners at second and third with one out in the first inning and Todd Helton coming to the plate, the Rox could have made a major statement early. But Helton had to settle for an RBI groundout, and the Rockies would score no more." (Up in the Rockies)
-- An Unfamiliar Position: "Is it just me, or is anyone else already tired of the Red Sox bullpens' whole "Stomp" routine. The announcers said it was a ritual when there was an offensive rally in the works. Since when is a runner on first with two outs a rally? It's like the Braves' tomahawk chop, it loses it's appeal when overused and becomes annoying. At least we won't have to witness it for the next two games and hopefully three." (Diamond in the Rox)
Oh, a few last treats. If you're a Boston fan, you'll probably appreciate this time lapse video of the Prudential Building's soxiness, which BostonSportZ passed along.
It might also be worth assessing Jimmy Kimmel's PSA to Red Sox Nation and letting your heart be warmed by this CNN video that Miss Red Sox Monster herself sent this morning. I swear, it hit me right in that cockle region Denis Leary always used to mention.

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