Like the great Jay-Z once said: "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to reintroduce myself."

My name is Dan Lamothe, and I'll be guiding the ship here at Rox and Sox Blogtoberfest for Red Sox fans across the nation. It's a privilege I do not take lightly, which means you can count on the same type of wackjob videos, wiseacre analysis and mild paranoia that made my blog, Red Sox Monster, popular this season.

A little background about myself: I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan from Massachusetts, but I am not -- I repeat, not -- from the Boston area. I actually grew up in Chicopee, Mass., nearly 90 miles from Fenway Park -- something that meant pretty much any childhood trip to Boston included a stop at Fenway Park to see Mo Vaughn and the boys play.

Growing up in Western Massachusetts also means I didn't really get my introduction to the average Bostonian Red Sox fan until I got to the University of Massachusetts around 2000. Yeah, the "Good Will Hunting" accent amazed me, too, but it beats the craptastic alternatives.

A few things to note about Red Sox Nation (*ducks brick thrown for calling it that*):

• Listen, I get that 90 percent of all baseball fans not from New England hate my favorite team to the point of irrationality -- even when they work for the New York Times. I get that, OK? Let's move on to more productive things, like figuring out how Mark Cuban is still dancing with the stars.

• If you hadn't heard, a load of Sox fans are embarrassed about "Fever Pitch," pink hats and similarly themed gaggeriffic merchandise. Sorry, had to say it. It's in the contract.

• Red Sox fans remain deeply conflicted about the signing of JD Drew, which confirmed that the Red Sox are truly a big-market team outbidding various American League Central ballclubs for superstars. Wait, what's that? He hit a grand slam last weekend? My bust. Nevermind.

• More than likely, our favorite team's closer is far cooler, crazier and more interesting than yours. Now that we have that out of the way, I hope we all can be friends.

I will be back regularly throughout the World Series, weighing in on everything from roster decisions to the likelihood Kevin Youkilis and Todd Helton and their prominent whiskers were separated at birth. You dig?

Dan Lamothe writes about the Boston Red Sox year-round on his blog, Red Sox Monster.

Rox & Sox Blogtoberfest

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