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Someone out there has Kyle Kendrick's(notes) 2008 World Series ring in their possession.

Unfortunately, it isn't one of his prank-loving teammates on the Philadelphia Phillies.

According to the Seattle Times, burglars broke into Kendrick's Mount Vernon, Wash., home sometime during the final weekend of March and took several belongings. Foremost among them is the ring Kendrick earned as part of the 2008 title team. Mount Vernon detectives say the thieves were able to break into the safe where the ring was kept.

Other items stolen from Kendrick's home include a framed Ken Griffey, Jr. jersey as well as baseball gloves, bats and other assorted keepsakes from Kendrick's baseball career. Expensive consumer electronics, such as televisions and computers, were also taken.

The ring is a 14-carat white gold ring that contains 103 diamonds. Kendrick had the ring insured.

Investigators believe the burglars spent several hours in the home, based on how much was taken. However, Kendrick's home had an alarm system and the question is why the alarm didn't go off when the house was broken into. Were the thieves able to disarm the system? Was this an inside job of some sort?

Another possibility is that whoever committed the crime was able to scout out the house and figure out how to break in. Kendrick's house is currently on the market and an open house was held on March 27. Perhaps the thieves realized that Kendrick was at spring training with the Phillies and the home was unoccupied.

Police are also investigating whether the robbery could be connected to a similar crime that occurred in a house approximately a mile away.

Between this and the break-in at the home of three Tampa Bay Rays players, it hasn't been a good time for baseball players and home security.

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