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Splendid: Post office unveils Ted Williams’ own U.S. stamp

Don't know about you, but I can't wait until we can mail stuff with Ted Williams stamps. The U.S. Postal Service, which needs all of the good ideas it can muster, announced Friday that a portrait of Williams will complete its upcoming 2012 series of Major League Baseball All-Stars stamps.

Artist and illustrator Kadir Nelson perfectly captures the follow-through of Williams' iconic swing. Check out the musculature of his arms and the details of Teddy Ballgame's earnest (even serious) face. This is suitable for framing. In case you can't tell, Williams tops the list of ballplayers whom I'd like a chance to go back and see play.

From the USPS:

Williams (1918-2002) of the Boston Red Sox was the last Major League player to bat over .400 for a single season (in 1941). He won six American League batting titles and four home run titles and hit .344 over 19 years, including 521 home runs. Today, Williams is regarded as one of the all-time greatest hitters in Major League Baseball history.

He also was a war hero — twice — and might just be the most respected player in history among major leaguers. Though his personality could be aloof, and he was kind of a crank at times to some, there wasn't a cooler person to ever wear a major league uniform.

'Duk wrote back in August about Joe DiMaggio getting a stamp in this series, and speculated that Williams and Willie Stargell were good bets to join him. Lo and behold, there they are, along with Larry Doby — the first American Leaguer to break MLB's color barrier. Their stamps are gorgeous as well:

Splendid: Post office unveils Ted Williams’ own U.S. stamp

As Kevin mentioned in his original post, here's a list of folks honored by being put on stamps. Which other major leaguers would you expect, or like, to see honored someday after they're gone?

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