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Nasty foul tips and errant backswings pose frequent dangers to catchers, who are usually the most bruised and battered players after a ballgame.

After passing a kidney stone during a game earlier this week, Colorado Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo might have every other backstop in the history of the game beat.

Olivo began developing kidney stones in 2003, his first full season in the majors. Stones still crop up from time to time. Sometimes, at inconvenient moments.

In the eighth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday, a stone became ready for passage. So, Olivo scooted into the bathroom adjacent to the Rockies dugout at Coors Field and ... went to work eliminating the painful object from his bladder.

Via Jim Armstrong's blog at the Denver Post:

The amazing part is what he did a few minutes later: He strapped on his catching gear and returned to his crouch behind home plate.

"Believe me, it's not fun," Olivo said. "Sometimes, when I've got that thing, I just want to die. But I can handle pain a little bit. Once it's gone, I'm normal, I'm good. Let's play baseball."

Let me get this straight. Olivo expels a tiny rock through his urethra — one of the most painful experiences known to man — then just dons the ol' chest protector, et al, and plays ball like it's nothing? It adds a whole new meaning to putting on "the tools of ignorance," as Carlton Fisk and other coots liked to call them.

Adding to his legend in the ninth inning, Olivo hit a single. In Thomas Harding's story on, Olivo said he passed another stone on Tuesday — then got a hit in his fifth straight game.

Check out the stones on this guy!

"Come on," Olivo said. "After I passed it, I don't even feel it anymore. I don't feel anything. It's, like, crazy."

Nah. Not in the least.

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