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Oh, baby! Softballer Jennie Finch welcomes a son — DieselJanis Joplin once sang that freedom is just another word for being able to name your kid whatever you want.

Superstar Olympian softball queen Jennie Finch and her husband, former major leaguer Casey Daigle(notes), exercised their parental rights recently in announcing the birth of their second child — a son called Diesel Dean Daigle.

3D is all the rage!

Thanks to the official paper of record — People magazine — we know that Diesel already sports some impressive stats: Born on Sunday night, he weighs 8 pounds, 2 ounces and is 22 1/4 inches long. Holy cow!

Finch added, via her Twitter account:

Our sweet precious Baby Diesel! Thank you all for your sweet prayers, praise God he is doing wonderful!

Here's what Jennie and Casey probably are thinking regarding the name: The couple named their first child Ace Shane. Given the parents' respective backgrounds, calling him "Ace," strikes me (get it?) as putting too much pressure on the young man to follow in the family's vocational footsteps. Mom's a pitcher, dad's a pitcher — so the boy's gotta be a pitcher!

The Finches-Daigles aren't doing that this time. Naming son No. 2 "Diesel" opens up many possibilities for the kid.

He could be a foam-hat wearing over-the-road trucker. Or a wisecracking Hollywood action star. Or a 350-pound NBA center with a penchant for rhyming and law enforcement. John Riggins. Really, the sky is limitless.

Before you pronounce judgment on the young man's unique name, check below for a baby picture:

Oh, baby! Softballer Jennie Finch welcomes a son — Diesel

ZOMG! A handsome kid with a huge head! Via the latest technology, we can go forward in time to see what he'll look like in 40 years:

Oh, baby! Softballer Jennie Finch welcomes a son — Diesel

Wow. Definitely his mother's son.

Oh, baby! Softballer Jennie Finch welcomes a son — Diesel

Here's hoping the loving couple and their beautiful boys have a happy life together!

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