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Nails bails: Lenny Dykstra a no show for fight against CansecoIt turns out that you and I weren't the only ones who forgot about the Lenny Dykstra-Jose Canseco fight on Saturday night after gaping at the car wreck of a headline earlier this week.

Also suffering a memory lapse? Ol' Nails himself as Dykstra failed to show up for his whuppin' at the pay-per view event.

So was Dykstra too busy watching the field goal kicking contest down South as many of you were? Or was he finally getting around to seeing "Moneyball," like I finally did? (Thought it was excellent, by the way.)

Nope. As Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, the answer naturally rivals the mess that Dykstra and Canseco have made of their lives. Fight promoter Damon Feldman says Dykstra was paid $5,000 with a promise of another $10,000 after the fight while those close to Dykstra said there was never any deal actually in place.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

I reached Dykstra tonight on his cell phone and after identifying myself, he said he would call back promptly. He has not. Dykstra, who is staying in a Los Angeles rehab facility, has also not replied to several text messages.

Fox 29 meterologist John Bolaris, a friend of Dykstra's for more than 15 years, tweeted days ago that Dykstra was never actually scheduled to fight.

None of this, of course, should come as a surprise considering the parties involved. Dykstra has made a living of bilking others in his post-baseball career while Feldman and Canseco couldn't even let an entire year pass without another boxing bait and switch.

So if you paid $19.95 believing you were going to see the two old stars beat up on each other in something straight out of "The Wrestler"? Well, you should have seen this coming.

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