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‘BASEketball’ almost predicted the Marlins uniforms in 1998

Everybody knows that the movie "Back to the Future Part II" predicted that the Florida Marlins would become the Miami Marlins. (Whether or not they also move to the American League and get swept in the 2015 World Series by the Cubs, who will hold a parade on hover boards, remains to be seen.)

But did you also know that another science fictionesque comedy foresaw what the new Marlins uniforms would look like 13 years ahead of time? The underappreciated "BASEketball" — as you can see in the above photo — came pretty close to showing us in 1998 what the then-reigning World Series champions would be dressing like in the future. The Fish failed to fully come through on the "Miami Vice" lettering, but it's pretty darned close enough. It's a great find by Philadelphia Internet maven Ryan Petzar.

Especially for the first day of December.

‘BASEketball’ almost predicted the Marlins uniforms in 1998"BASEketball" came out not long after Trey Parker and Matt Stone created "South Park" and critics didn't think much of it. But as long as you don't go in thinking it'll be a documentary about the Holocaust, you'll laugh much. It's an enjoyable farce about a couple of dopes who invent a new game which combines the rules of baseball with the action of basketball, or at least H-O-R-S-E. Cheerleaders dress in lingerie. Teams have names such as the "Milwaukee Beers" and the "Miami Dealers." No stereotyping at all.

The legendary David Zucker directed; he also did "Airplane," "Top Secret!" "Ruthless People" and the first two "Naked Gun" movies. Hollywood greats Ernest Borgnine and Robert Vaughn play owners. Jenny McCarthy and Yasmine Bleeth play hot women. Robert Stack plays himself doing "Unsolved Mysteries" and gets the funniest line in the movie. The number of famous sports guys doing cameos is legion: Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Reggie Jackson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — the list goes on. There's even an eerie appearance by Dale Earnhardt as a cabbie. Go rent it.

What other movies accidentally predict the future of sports? Talk about it amongst yourselves in the comments.

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