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The Oakland Athletics and Arizona Diamondbacks completed a big trade Friday, and the biggest names exchanged were right-handed pitchers Trevor Cahill (heading to the desert) and Jarrod Parker (going to the East Bay).

But they weren't the only players involved. Five players in all changed teams, including left-hander Craig Breslow, who was sent to the D-backs. Apparently, details sometimes get lost when a major deal goes down — details such as letting all of the parties involved know that a trade has happened before it goes public. Let Breslow explain:

A’s pitcher Craig Breslow finds out about own trade on Twitter

No! Breslow found out about his own trade on Twitter? It's not the first time an athlete has learned such news from the media. Every so often you'll hear about a guy who learned he was traded from TV or radio or even a newspaper (once upon a time). But this Twitter social media thing is kind of a new deal. New but powerful. It has aided revolutionaries across the Atlantic, it has helped pro football players keep in touch during an owner's lockout. So I don't know what Breslow means about Twitter's lack of relevance. A Yale graduate? C'mon. Well, he learned the hard way.

Not that Breslow has reacted with bitterness:

Thanks for all the well wishes as I head to the @dbacks!

That message, plus at least 30 individual thank-yous, came after the first tweet. Can you imagine Albert Pujols sending 30 thank-you notes to ... anybody?

Breslow probably would have preferred to hear about the deal from Billy Beane or David Forst from the A's front office. That's on them. And the power of Twitter.

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