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Get up ... get up ... get outta here ... Greinke!

I'm not sure if Bob Uecker modified his famous home run call for Zack Greinke's(notes) go-ahead homer in the fourth inning during Wednesday's 6-4 victory, but it certainly has a nice ring to it. The Milwaukee Brewers pitcher deposited the first pitch he saw from Washington Nationals counterpart Jason Marquis(notes) into the middle deck of Miller Park's left field seats. The towering blast, which wrapped around the left field foul pole, helped the streaking Brewers to their second straight sweep and 13th win in their last 16 games.

Watch Greinke mash

If you're surprised at Greinke's display of power, perhaps you shouldn't be. It was actually the second homer of his career with his first coming off Russ Ortiz(notes) and the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2005. Combine the shot with his 10-strikeout, seven-inning pitching performance and it was something of a dream outing for Greinke.

After being traded to the Brewers last offseason, Greinke said he was looking forward to being able to hit on a regular basis because baseball "is more fun that way." He also told our own Dave Brown something similar during an Answer Man session back in 2009, noting that he's always wanted to be a double threat for his team:

Q: Do you appreciate the transition Rick Ankiel(notes) is making from pitcher to hitter?

ZG: Yeah, and he's making it look pretty easy too. Great athlete. I wish I had a chance to do it, but I kind of can't. That probably would be the most exciting way to have make it — two different ways. That's like a lifetime dream of mine. You can't do it if you're pitching even decent. The organization won't let you. He's living my dream right now.

Q: You're really proud of your home run, aren't you?

ZG: Yeah, and I got a double this year. I'm 2-for-[5] this year. I've been looking forward to getting some more at-bats.

With Greinke striking out so many batters and the Brewers on a roll, surely the team must be open to the suggestion. And who knows? Maybe giving him the DH spot during upcoming interleague play could even be the catalyst for lowering the uncharacteristic 5.79 ERA he's sporting after five starts for the Brewers so far.

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