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Since Yankees fans are looking high and low for things to celebrate during the last week of the Stadium, how about a parade for this guy?

Who is he? Well, if you were watching Wednesday night's White Sox-Yankees game, you'll recognize him as the dude who leaned over the railing in right-center field and nabbed Johnny Damon's eighth-inning home run before breaking into dance.

Don't worry, the story gets much better. As the YES Network announcers quickly noted, the fan in question was the same guy who caught a Jason Giambi home run on Tuesday. Anyone else willing to bet that's the first time in Yankee Stadium history that such a thing has happened? (Elias, a little help here, please?)

Two days + Two home run balls = The greatest (and perhaps only) argument for a grown man bringing his glove to a Major League Baseball game.

NYY Stadium Insider has posted video of Wednesday night's catch. Zack Hample, eat your heart out.

UPDATE: As Stewie emailed Ken points out, a fan caught two HRs in the same game last season, a piece of trivia that escaped my mind. I say the Yanks should have a parade for 'em both.

UPDATE #2: Holy cow, that IS Zack Hample! (Thanks, 'Spin)

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