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With Barry Bonds currently out of work and teams always looking to improve their lot in MLB, the Shunned One's name will undoubtedly be brought up countless times this season.

So each week until Mr. Bonds catches a fulltime ride, the Stew will feature teams that might be able to use his impressive services. The question will always be a simple one: Should your team finally take the plunge and sign the most controversial man in sport?

Today's argument comes from Stew reader Chris Haddad, a man whose dislikes include Bill Bavasi, Jose Vidro's OBP and the "$30,000 millionaires" who hog all the impressionable coeds at the University of Arizona. Here is his case: 

I'm a Seattle native stuck in the armpit of the Southwest (Tucson, Arizona) for school and work, and I just want to say how idiotic Seattle GM Bill Bavasi is for not signing Barry Bonds over the winter.

Or now.

Or soon.

The reasons we need Bonds are many. Our current DH, Jose Vidro, is putrid. His OBP is pathetic at .277 and he hasn't had an OPS of above .800 since 2004. He's seen 2 different teams since then!

If we brought in Bonds, the Mariners lineup suddenly goes from decent to best in the AL West with the addition of Bonds. Take a look at what the top of the lineup would look like.

Jose Lopez
Adrian Beltre
Barry Bonds
Raul Ibanez
Richie Sexson

You can switch Beltre and Ibanez, but frankly I'd still like to give teams a reason to pitch to Barry and Sexson wouldn't do that. Bonds' VORP is consistently above 90, meaning he alone accounts for 9 wins for the team. I'd be surprised if Vidro's is above 20 ('Duk note: 28.7 in '07.) So Barry would provide for more than seven wins for the M's and I think that would propel them into the playoffs. He would also come at a discounted price since he said he would take a paycut, and his contract would be pro-rated for when he signed.

Also, if we do make the playoffs, Barry's contract will be more than paid for by all the merchandise, ticket sales, and advertising money that Mariners fans will buy. Does that feeble-minded Bavasi seriously think that fans will not fill the seats if his team is winning with Bonds in the lineup?? I can practically SEE the dollar signs off the reflection of his shiny, bald head.

I mean, Bavasi is the same guy who spent $64 million on Beltre only to see his OPS plummet 300 points the very next year. Shocking. Things that are obvious to every other person in the world are actually completely oblivious to the dumbest, baldest man in Seattle.

If the Bonds-less Mariners miss the playoffs by more than 3-4 games, I'll know exactly who to blame. But I really hope the Angels dont get smart and throw money at Barry some time in June. If they do that, they'll run away with the division. A Vlad-Bonds duo in the heart of that lineup is just downright scary for a Mariners fan to think about.

A big BLS thanks to Chris for his thoughts. Read more of  The Barry Bonds Job Watch here. Also, if you have an argument for why your team should or shouldn't sign Bonds, e-mail 'Duk here

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