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Well, this viral video really got out of hand fast. You might've already seen the above clip of this huge Cuban basebrawl over on Deadspin or on your local morning news show. 

If you haven't, be prepared to watch a field fight that's destined to be shown alongside Rod Allen's run in Japan for eternity. Not one, but two bats were wielded during the skirmish and I have no idea how another Juan Marichal-Johnny Roseboro incident didn't go down. 

Most outlets have just shown the video, added a few chuckles and couple of guffaws before making a passing mention that the fight occurred during "some Cuban baseball game."

But what really happened? What was the result? The answers are only a search away.

According to, the brawl took place during a Feb. 28 playoff game between Havana's Industriales and Sancti Spiritus. The gentleman in blue who's charging the mound, bat in hand, is Industriales catcher Lisvan Correa. He's been suspended six months for igniting the whole thing, while the object of his affections — Sancti pitcher Yasniel Sosa — received a ban for his team's next three playoff games.   

Noted Cuban baseball writer Peter C. Bjarkman explains the situation further:

"Brushed back by one ninth-inning pitch and then hit by a second, [Correa] took matters into his own hands by charging the mound and attempting to club [Sosa] with his wooden bat. There have been a number of conflicting accounts detailing what actually transpired during the bench-clearing brawl that followed and eventually required police intervention. Later reports out of Havana suggested that local law officers overreacted and unfairly roughed up several Industriales ballplayers.

"Other versions had offending Industriales athletes initially attacking the local police contingent that was struggling to restore on-field order. Details will likely never be entirely sorted out, but there remains little dispute that the unsavory mess was originally precipitated by Correa's unsportsmanlike bat-waving kamikaze attack."

I'll say. What really amuses me in this video is the fact that Correa's plunking was a garden-variety flea bite in the back. It's not as if Sosa took aim at his noggin with a high heater. Playoff series can notoriously get heated down there in Cuba, but, uh, overreact much?

Eh, no matter, I suppose. What's done is done, apparently no one was seriously hurt and this clip will most certainly live on in gag reels across the globe. And every time I see it, I'll try to imagine what would have happened if Prince Fielder(notes) had reacted in a similar way after last week's run-in with Barry Zito(notes). (Now that would have been a highlight.) 

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