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Are you bored out of your mind with spring training yet? Have you abandoned it altogether and moved onto dreams of summer days and real baseball?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

In a story that sums up the dog days of the Grapefruit League in the worst best fashion imaginable, the Orioles' radio announcing team of Joe Angel and Fred Manfra weren't around for the final eight innings of Sunday's 5-1 exhibition win over the Mets in Fort Lauderdale.

The duo had announced the game's first inning when rain hit the park and started rendering the field unplayable. Angel and Manfra talked their way through 40 minutes of the delay before letting the boys back home resume their regular radio and then heading home.

But about an hour later, the groundskeepers got the field under control and play resumed without anyone in Baltimore's booth. According to the Baltimore Sun, Angel, Manfra and the engineer were told to call it an early day by their superiors at 105.7 The Fan. Angel has even written a letter to Orioles fans explaining that they would have stayed to broadcast the game but simply didn't have an engineer or any equipment around to do so.  

Predictably, some Orioles fans who didn't have anything better to do with their weekend are upset, going as far to call the early dismissal "bush league." (How dare an engineer deprive them of hearing Adam Jones single twice!)

Now, I generally toe the line when it comes to holding people accountable for the jobs they're being paid for, but the bottom line here is that their bosses told them to call it quits. Is there anyone else out there who'd say no to the same order?

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