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Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria(notes) may have had a monster weekend sans batting gloves, but it didn't carry over to Monday's 5-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds.

In the fourth inning,  Longoria committed a fielding error that extended the inning and allowed the Reds to score an extra run. Then, in the sixth, Longoria got caught up in an embarrassing baserunning gaffe that even he had trouble fully explaining after the game.

With no outs and two runners on in the inning, Matt Joyce(notes) flew out to deep center field. During the play, Longoria somehow rounded second — he had been on first — and passed teammate Ben Zobrist(notes), who had been on second base. Longoria was immediately called out.

So did he fail to see that Zobrist hadn't wandered that far from his bag? Did he forget about his presence altogether? Longoria couldn't — or wouldn't — say.

From the St. Pete Times :

"The ball Joyce hit, I was convinced it was going to get down," Longoria said. "And in my mind, I was trying to give myself the best chance to score. It didn't work out that way. Obviously we all know what happened. Just not the right decision to make there."

Said [Reds starting pitcher Mike] Leake: "It was just a brain fart. He doesn't make too many mistakes. That was a little gift to me."

Indeed, it isn't often that one of the game's best players does something so absent-minded. But while it unfortunately killed one of the Rays' best chances at a rally on Monday, the reality is that it happens to the best of us.

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