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Because it's impossible to keep from taking at least a peek into the panic room, here's a rundown of what followers of the Boston Red Sox are saying after the team fell to 0-5 on Wednesday night in Cleveland ...

Dan Lamothe, Red Sox Monster: "When October hits, we'll all look back and laugh at how the Red Sox started 0-5 ... That's what I keep saying, even though watching Sox games this season has been about as much fun as gluing your eyes open. Sure, it might be interesting for a while, but it really starts to sting when you do it too long."

Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: "I wrote yesterday that it's silly to talk about 0-4 teams not going to the World Series because most 0-4 teams were lousy to begin with. The Red Sox are not a lousy team. But they're playing like one right now."

Charlie Saponara, Fire Brand of the AL: "No, the sky is not falling and, no, this doesn't end the Red Sox chances of post season baseball, but it's pretty damn annoying."

John Tomase, Boston Herald: "There's a scene in pretty much every horror movie when a hot chick alone in the woods yells it's not funny anymore and says she's scared. Her boyfriend doesn't answer. Things will not end well for her. Red Sox fans are that girl right now, and the macabre joke that is the start to the 2011 season continues."

Ben Buchanan, Over The Monster: "A purely objective look at the Red Sox' position right now shows that they are only three games behind of the Yankees (no, we will not be counting in the Orioles as legitimate contenders just yet) — a situation far better than the one they faced a month into the 2010 season. The Sox might not have made it to the postseason then, running out of gas as the injuries continued around July, but they overcame a larger mountain, setting the precedent to do it again."

Sully, Sully Baseball: "I am having an allergy attack. My head is stuffed up. I feel like the guy whose head was in a vice in Casino. I can barely breathe. And yet I still feel healthier than the Red Sox."

Ian Bethune, Sox & Dawgs:

David Coleman, The Crawfish Boxes: "I could write a more hopeful recap, asking for patience and saying this season is still very young. I've been saying that enough to be a broken record this week. You don't need to hear it again. Plus, I'm running out of ways to defend this team. Sigh"

'Duk note: Whoops! Sorry folks, that one above is about the 0-5 Houston Astros.

BWoodrum, DRays Bay: "The lone beacon of awesome in this otherwise sewer-like experience: The simple pleasure of looking out the window of our crashing spaceship to see screaming Bostonians experiencing our same plight."

'Duk note: Yup, that one is from a fan of the 0-5 Tampa Bay Rays.

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