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While we usually have to wait a few months to see the real winners or losers of December baseball news, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge just delivered an immediate outcome for the scoreboard in the Dodgers divorce case.

Following judge Scott Gordon's ruling on Tuesday morning, Jamie McCourt is now entitled to half of the Los Angeles Dodgers as part of her split from her ex-husband, Frank McCourt. She will join schadenfreude-feeling fans of the rival NL West teams in celebrating the ruling.

Meanwhile, Frank McCourt has now seen the defeat of his lawyers' arguments that a 2004 marital agreement excluded the team from the couple's community property. Though he'll likely appeal the ruling, Frank seems destined to cry alongside the dedicated Dodgers fans who have seen their proud franchise derailed by the petty fighting of two self-absorbed (and already wildly rich) individuals.

The Los Angeles Times has a detailed rundown of the case's blood-and-guts that you should check out if you're interested. Day-to-day operations of the team aren't expected to be affected, but this ongoing soap opera — Will the team be sold and the proceeds split? Will one McCourt buy the other out? — needs to end as soon as possible for the good of Los Angeles baseball. We've already seen enough.

UPDATE: And the post-ruling jockeying has already begun. A source tells our own Tim Brown that Jamie wants to secure investors for a buyout of Frank.

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