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I knew I came home from Arizona a bit too early.

From Sam Mellinger's BallStar blog:

Saw a Bentley in the Royals players parking lot (on Monday), so I knew something was up, because this is more an Escalade kind of team.

Sure enough, Wayne Gretzky was in town, in full Royals uniform, a payback for last year when George Brett went to a Coyotes hockey game.

Now, Sam is a good friend and a fellow connossieur of In-n-Out burgers, Animal Style.

But he's also new to this blogging game, which is why I offer him the following advice: Whenever Wayne Gretzky is wearing a baseball uniform, you always, always take pictures.

Especially if Janet is around.

In Melly's defense, there's nothing on the wires or at, either. 

Any Royals fans out there take any snapshots? Wondering how the Great One looks in royal blue.

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