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Cliff Lee's(notes) reintroductory press conference in Philly on Wednesday had its share of interesting points.

• The ace pitcher said that new Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth(notes) "wasn't the happiest person" to learn that the Philadelphia Phillies did, in fact, have a few extra million lying around. 

• He also said that the story of New York Yankees fans spitting on his wife during the playoffs was overblown and didn't play a factor in his decision

• Kristen Lee made a pros/cons list for each of the three cities and Philly's turned out the longest.

There was also one compliment by Lee that caused some speculation on the blogs afterward about which other teams — if any — he was slighting in return.

"They don't need a teleprompter to tell them when to cheer," Lee said of the Phillies fans he pitched for during the 2009 season.

So was it the Texas Rangers he was referring to? Or the Seattle Mariners? Other fans in general?

My first thought was that Lee might have been talking about the PA prompt that every announcer in every ballpark — from Yankee Stadium to Tropicana Field — read during the playoffs. Recited just before TBS or FOX started their broadcast, the messages are designed to make it look like half of the park isn't at the concession stands or in the bathrooms. 

So if Lee was thinking about fans of the Rangers or the Rays or the Yankees during the postseason, it wouldn't have been fair because each base, including the Phillies, heard that request to create noise for the excitement of the viewers at home.

But though I thought the Rangers fans were good and loud during the World Series — it was a great atmosphere down there — a few folks over at Lone Star Ball felt their ears burning after seeing Lee's line.

"The truth hurts," wrote one commenter.

So did Rangers fans plant that seed in Lee's brain? Or was he just complimenting a Phillies fanbase that keeps selling out the regular season and has been conditioned to stand on each 3-2 count — Fenway Park-style — by the last few seasons of success?

I think it's the latter, though that won't stop others from reading more into it than they should.

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