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I still don't know what kind of genius had the foresight to tape five episodes of Family Feud in 1990 on the off chance that something like YouTube would be invented, but I'm sure glad he or she is out there. Witness user HYHYBT who just uploaded an entire week of the show that featured five baseball stars squaring off against five umpires on "Natural Enemies Week."

Thanks to this glorious person, you can now waste an entire day gawking at Joe Carter's hairstyle, Rick Sutcliffe's redbeard at its absolute peak, Wally Joyner looking 45 years old, Ellis Burks reminding us he was actually an All-Star that year and Ozzie Smith foreshadowing the comedic stylings he'd bring to The Simpsons two years later. As an avid Feud fan — greatest theme song and greatest gameshow host ever — I couldn't be any more giddy right now.

Find the first clip of the week's final show below:

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Big League Stew

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