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Remember the ceremonial first pitch that pop diva Mariah Carey reluctantly threw at a Japanese game back in 2008? It landed hilariously short of the target and we all laughed and laughed. (Nice outfit, though.)

Well, young Washington Wizards star John Wall must have been studying the Mariah footage, because he unleashed a first pitch Friday night before the Washington Nationals game that looked remarkably similar.

In a pre-pitch interview, Wall admitted he was nervous, not wanting to embarrass himself like onetime Wizards player Caron Butler apparently had in a similar situation:

"Yes, there are a lot of nerves to throw it in the dirt. That's something I don't want to do. They've been joking on me about when Caron came here and he had to come back and redeem himself the next year. I'm gonna try to get it [home] on the first try."

And then, with video courtesy CSN Washington, this happened:

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There's no dribbling in baseball!

Because he is an NBA player — and thank God for that — Wall's throw is worse than Carey's in context. It might not be as bad as the one uncorked by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory in 2007, though. Still, as with a pop singer, a mayor does not necessarily an athlete make.

Check out Wall's pitch from other angles, courtesy Nats Enquirer. Thank goodness designated guinea pig Drew Storen(notes) saved one of those kids behind home plate from permanent damage. That's what a good stopper does.

Wall is obviously going to have to keep working on his fastball and try again next season. If he dares.

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