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It was the hangup that inspired a thousand "phone a friend" comments.

During the Toronto-Chicago game on Tuesday night, home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom lost track of the count. That's not the most unusual occurrence — the Seattle Mariners issued not one, but two three-ball walks in eight days earlier this season.

But what happened after Cederstrom and Chicago White Sox batter Adam Dunn(notes) disagreed was a little strange. The umpire headed into the home dugout and picked up the horn to get some clarification. Though it was unconventional and he should have had it right in the first place, at least Cederstrom took the time to get the correct count before proceeding with the game.

Watch it here:

What really would have made this clip would be Cederstrom having to search around in his pockets for change. Or, better yet, seeing a pizza being delivered a few innings later.

Ah well, you apparently can't have everything. But it's nice to see that baseball's umpires are primed and ready for another postseason of embarrassing highlights. So there's that.

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