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Video: This man is not AP baseball writer Ben Walker

Does the BBC World News think that all New Yorkers look the same?

It might seem that way after the English news program mixed up the bald and the bespectacled during a funny moment on live television.

Hoping to speak with longtime AP baseball writer Ben Walker about the Roger Clemens perjury trial, the BBC anchor instead caught an awkward surprise. The man on the other end of the live feed was not Walker, but Newser's Michael Wolff, a Rupert Murdoch biographer who has been making the news-program rounds during the News of the World scandal.

Uncomfortable silence ensued, followed by a curt confession from Wolff:

Hey, you can see where the BBC might have made a mistake, especially if the producer instructed the control room to cut to the "bald guy with glasses."

Might we suggest nametags or a Michael Scott-like designation with a Sharpie to ensure that any future mix-ups don't occur? Better yet, how about they book Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports to talk about the Rocket? He was there for Thursday's announcement of a mistrial in the Clemens' federal case and sports a full head of hair, but no glasses.

All the better to tell him apart, of course.

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