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There's a reason all the kids are watching the cable tee-vee at night. While Jay Leno's chin highlights the incompetence of others by dropping in references to <insert terrible sports team here>, "The Colbert Report" takes on actual news from baseball.

On Thursday, it was the prolonged and history-challenging ineptitude of Craig Counsell(notes) and Adam Dunn(notes) that Stephen Colbert placed squarely in his sights:

OK, so there was a joke about the Chicago Cubs in there. But otherwise that's the type of inside-baseball stuff we want served with our daily serving of night-time chuckles.

The good news is that we're getting it from Colbert all day Friday. After winning a bet with some folks at the league office, Colbert has control of the @MLB Twitter feed all day long.

Here's his latest effort:

Video: Stephen Colbert riffs on Craig Counsell and Adam Dunn

In a related note, Alex Rodriguez(notes) wants to know why he's the only one not allowed to gamble.

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