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A lot of All-Star stories were pushed aside when George Steinbrenner died on Tuesday morning, but there's one angle I don't want to go unnoticed.

During Monday's media day, San Diego Padres reliever Heath Bell(notes) invited his father, Jim, to share his interview table, and it quickly became apparent where Heath gets his great sense of humor.   

The two spent their alloted time busting each other's chops in front of amused media members, and it was often hard for Heath to get a word in edgewise. Though his son closes games for the first-place Padres, it was Jim who came away as the All-Star of the session. 

It was all part of a special few days for Jim Bell, a 67-year-old Texas resident who is battling lung cancer. With his son making his second straight All-Star appearance, he was able to take a break from his treatment with some therapeutic time with his children and grandchildren in Anaheim. He says his doctor said only one word when told about the trip: "Go." 

A few video clips I shot during the Bells' interview time can be found below. It starts with Jim making fun of Heath's hitting skills, continues with the pair discussing their pool and ping-pong matches, and ends with Jim talking about getting well enough so he can see the Padres play in the World Series. Apologies for my choppy video editing, but here's wishing Mr. Bell the best in his fight.

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