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Posting video of bad first pitches is something of a cottage industry in the baseball blogosphere. We watch with fascination at these attempts, whether it's from a famous pop star,  an NBA title winner or a former Chicago Cubs outfielder.

But let's be honest, we can't possibly expect any of those people to throw it straight and true. It's just never been in their routine (especially the former Cub).

Curt Schilling, though? The man won 216 games, recorded 3,116 strikeouts and pitched in four World Series. Less than five years removed from his last uniformed pitch, surely he could deliver a no-doubt-about-it strike at the Arizona Diamondbacks' 10th anniversary of the 2001 title team. Right?


Yeah, I'm guessing Schilling has a few video gamer buddies at 38 Studios that wouldn't have wilted under the pressure. Luckily, the former pitcher was able to poke a little fun at himself on Twitter (@gehrig38) after ESPN's Steve Berthiaume posited that he has a borderline case for the Hall of Fame.

"After that first pitch airmail I am officially off the bubble," Schilling wrote.

Ouch! So that delivery apparently stung Schilling's pride a little bit. He can take solace, however, that he'll get a few more chances to make up for it with the 10th anniversaries of his 2004 and '07 Boston Red Sox title teams coming up in future years.

Maybe it'd help if he bloodied his sock a little?

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Video: Curt Schilling sails first pitch during Arizona title party

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