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ST. LOUIS — My hotel room at Union Station has a view of the Cardinals Clubhouse store and it's presumably filled with everything you could possibly slap the birds-on-a-bat logo (or a picture of a squirrel) on. Caps, jerseys, toasters, etc.

But prosthetic legs adorned with the Cardinals logo? Something tells me that's a special order. Watch below as the announcer for the Cards' downtown pep rally goes out on a, uh, limb to see if anyone in the audience can produce a, uh, leg to stand on in arguing they're the world's biggest Cardinals fan.

Seriously, though, what a cool way to show your Cardinals pride. The last time St. Louis saw a prosthetic this cool, Bill Veeck was emptying cigarettes into one at Sportsman's Park.

Big BLS H/N: Joe Sports Fan

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