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The only reason this man's eyes are closed is because he cannot close his ears.

Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter just seems like the type of fellow who would be strictly no-nonsense when it comes to the singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

After all, there's a game to manage, and he doesn't have all day! Just give it to him straight!

Consider this: Showalter has managed in nearly 1,800 major league games, and played in nearly 800 more in the minors. Buck, by gum, has heard a lot of national anthems performed in his day.

Well, maybe it has become one too many anthems, if his reaction to the rendition on Wednesday night is any indication.

A choir from Baltimore's Goucher College called Red-Hot-Blue sang the anthem before the O's-Minnesota Twins game. It appeared to be an a capella rendition, the kind with lots of vocalizing and harmonizing and such. You know, like on "Glee" or at Christmas.

The singers might have hit a couple of sour notes, because television cameras captured Buck's reaction live, and it didn't seem too positive.

Thankfully, it was preserved by Parker Hageman and James Ferris for us to see: 

"What the what"?

You wash your mouth out with soap this instant, William Nathaniel Showalter!

Actually, I could watch this video 1,800 times, plus 800 more in the minors. Showalter was speaking for a lot of people right there when he said (in his own way) that he likes his "Banner" straight up, with no freelancing.

I'm a more forgiving critic generally, but ... well, his reaction was funny.

I suppose he could have been upset because this kind of rendition might cramp the style of the Orioles crowd, which traditionally shouts out "O!" for the last "O, say."

And, to be fair, the Goucher College kids have had much better days (which also were preserved on the Internet). Maybe they can come back to Camden Yards someday.

When Buck's not manager anymore, probably.

Big BLS H/T: Timothy Burke's Twitter (@Bubbaprog)

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