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The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy has already been labeled "the most hated man in Boston."

But, hoo boy, this sure isn't going to improve his image any. Watch as the controversial columnist fills time during Wednesday's rain delay by saying it's a lock that the about-to-expire Boston Red Sox will live to fight another day.

Shaughnessy, of course, just said what many of us were likely thinking at the time. The Red Sox were holding a 3-2 lead over the Baltimore Orioles while the Tampa Bay Rays were trailing the New York Yankees by seven runs in the eighth inning. The worst-case scenario really did look like a tiebreaker game in St. Pete on Thursday, not an all-time comeback by the Rays and a two-out collapse by Jonathan Papelbon(notes).

But as someone who helped make his name by writing "The Curse of the Bambino," Shaughnessy has to know the Red Sox are adept at finding a way to blow it — even if the odds of them losing are 1 in 278 million.  Heck, you can see that even Heidi Watney had it in the back of her mind as she urges caution after Shaughnessy's remark.

Now, am I dumb enough to think that Shaughnessy had anything to do with the epic collapse? No. But I am smart enough to realize that he's in for a long winter of getting heckled around New England. The Curse of CHB has been born.

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