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It appears as if Evan Longoria's(notes) reign with New Era will end without the Tampa Bay Rays star ever finding his lost cap. A new season means a new ad campaign and instead of doling out cash for Bourne-like special effects, MLB's official headwear company has wrangled two celebrities from NBC's Thursday night lineup to argue about their beloved New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

The results are pretty good, too. Here's the commercial featuring 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin and The Office's John Krasinski that will debut during Friday's Red Sox home opener:

Oh, the perils of taping these things ahead of time. Something tells me the producers didn't see Boston's 0-6 start coming when they fed Baldwin, the Yankees fan, this line:

"Classic Red Sox fan, go ahead and celebrate in April, we'll dance in October."

Still, it's a very excellent and elegant spot, one that underscores the classic feel of New Era's product and puts it front-and-center in an understated way. And, as usual, Baldwin is great. Maybe even funny enough to produce a chuckle on your 538th viewing of the commercial this summer on MLB Network ...

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