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This week, any image we held of Michael Young(notes) and the Texas Rangers being the perfect marriage of face and franchise was completely destroyed by Young's demands that he be traded to another team.

Unfortunately, that news didn't filter down to young Gavin, an avid 3-year-old Rangers fan, until his mother sat him down at the dinner table, turned on a video camera and broke the news that his favorite player might be going bye-bye.

Watch Gavin's sad and heartbreaking reaction below:  

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As teary as this side of the monitor got, I'd like to applaud Gavin for keeping a stiffer upper lip than I would have at that age (or this age, for that matter). That's one brave little dude, given the enormity of what his mother just told him.

He'll also be delighted to know that his mother is woefully behind the curve on this soap opera: Because of his hefty $16 million-a-year salary, there's a decent chance Young will still be wearing that familiar No. 10 — however begrudgingly — at Rangers Ballpark this season.

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