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Useful? Browser tool filters all Internet references to Derek Jeter

All the Derek Jeter(notes) haters out there can finally stop complaining now.

Or maybe they can't even see this post anymore?

Though it certainly would have come in handy in the run-up to hit No, 3,000, the arrival of "Jeter Filter" will be appreciated by those who have tired of hearing about the New York Yankees star shortstop. As an extension designed for the Google Chrome browser, Jeter Filter can be installed to wipe any mention of No. 2 from one's daily Internet activities.

According to the developer, the filter has three levels of strength: Mild ("for those who merely hate Derek Jeter), aggressive ("for those who really hate Derek Jeter") and vindictive ("for those who really, really hate Derek Jeter").  The tool's large audience would presumably be Boston Red Sox fans, Mariah Carey and people who hate America.

From Jeter Filter:  

Jeter Filter was conceived in the wee hours of the hackNY Spring Hackathon and eventually coded over a series of Red Sox games in June 2011. The Red Sox winning percentage at the beginning of the project was .439 and was .611 at time of 1.0 release. Sam Adams was primarily consumed during initial coding, followed by Templeton Rye during skinning and/or during Red Sox losses.

I won't be downloading the extension because 1) it sounds complicated and 2) I'm not offended by the amount of coverage given to one of baseball's preeminent stars over the last decade and a half.

However, I am glad to have a solution I can recommend to those who bray about what they feel is excessive Captain coverage on the ol' Stew. If you're one of those people, would you mind sending us a screencap of what a Jeter-free BLS looks like?


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