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Immigration authorities in Canada detained and released Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones(notes) on Thursday night, apparently mistaking him for someone else.

What a great way for Jones, who said he wasn't alone, to start a road trip in Toronto.

Jones Tweeted about his frustrating experience, then deleted the first Tweet, but not before the Stew had captured the message for eternity. ("FIRST!")

Anyway, about 5:30 ET this morning, @THE_ADAM_JONES said:

detained by immigration in canada for no false accusations till 5am and appreciate someone from the team making sure were ok NOOOOOOTTTTT

Moments later, the Tweet was gone.

Jones did follow up a few moments later:

I wish I could say what I want on here. That would be BRACKIN

Adding, finally:

last 10 hours have been a blast...yaaaaay. time to sleep off the bull

Brittany Ghiroli's Orioles' blog was among the first to publish Jones' follow-up on his night of discontent. Below, here's what Jones has to say:

"Basically, what happened, was they had the wrong person they thought I was somebody else. ... It's frustrating for me; I shouldn't have put it out how I put it it out, it's just frustrating. Now we can all just get on with it, there's more stories, I guess, people want to stay something but everything's taken care of on my end.


"We went to immigration so I would consider that detained.

"Everything is cool. They said I had a criminal record, my mom raised me better than that. I have never been involved with anything criminal in my entire life. It was a long, pointless situation to me because of the circumstances but I'm glad that got cleared and that won't be a problem anymore coming into this country."

Did they mistake him for Adam Jones the football player?

"I don't know if it's him. We got the same name obviously but I'm not going to say I was mistaken for him when I don't know."

The team also spoke, via the Orioles Insider at the Baltimore Sun:

He wasn't the only one held up. A small group of Orioles personnel were detained by officials for extra screening, including Jones.


According to a team official, the group detained for extra screening was accompanied by a person in position of authority with the club throughout the process.

Jones' mom, Andrea Bradley, also had her say on Facebook:


All right ... I'll leave the rest of my original post intact. Some of my speculation was off, some was on. But there's no deleting it. Well, there could be. But there won't be.

* * *

• The Orioles had a game in Baltimore on Thursday night, and their road trip begins with a series at Toronto on Friday night.

• Jones apparently did not fly with the team to Canada. He might have gone alone (though it SEEMS like he traveled with at least one other person, possibly a teammate). It's not unusual for ballplayers, for whatever reason, to make separate travel arrangements sometimes.

• Jones says he was detained by "immigration" (ha-ha) but he probably means customs. Unless Jones was defecting to Canada. (To each his own, eh?)

• Jones says he was detained "for no false accusations," which makes no sense but he probably meant to say "for no good reason," or something like it, and then switched to "false accusations" without erasing the "no." He seems to have been accused of something specific.

• Jones seems to be mad at the Orioles for allowing this to go on for an undetermined period of time. He later mentions "10 hours," but he could not have been detained nearly that long. The game ended about 10:15 p.m. ET, and then everyone has to travel to the airport, take a 90-minute flight to Toronto, etc.

I'm guessing he was detained about three hours. The "10 hours" probably includes the loss. Jones takes them hard.

• Jones has a sense of humor that dates, at least, to Wayne's World — "not"!

• Jones then deletes the Tweet, possibly not wanting to look like a complainer or a malcontent. Maybe he just wishes it all never happened.

• The incident still must bug him, for he adds: "I wish I could say what I want on here. That would be BRACKIN." I don't know if he means the Orioles are oppressive against players speaking out, or that the media would twist what he's saying, or that he doesn't want to piss off customs because he has items he'd like to declare/get home.

• It's been a rough year for Jones. The team is struggling, he's hitting below his career averages, he's been blowing bubbles at the wrong time.... 

• There also was the recent report about major leaguers with criminal records being warned about trying to cross the border into Canada. It would shock me to learn that Jones has a criminal record; He seems to be one of the nicer and well-mannered players in the majors. His mom says he knows right from wrong and I believe her.

• So I wonder, half-seriously, if Canada got Baltimore's Adam Jones mixed up with the other Adam Jones.

OK, that's it. Let's see where this goes.

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