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Wherever Earl Weaver is today, I'm guess that he's wearing a big smile.

Not one, not two, but three Baltimore Orioles were tossed by the umpires during Thursday's 5-0 loss to Minnesota, a total that matched the number of hits managed by the Birds. 

But what the O's lacked in offensive firepower on a steamy night in Charm City, they made up for with rants that'll place among the best of the season when all is said and done.  

Watch the ejections here 

• In the seventh inning, first baseman Ty Wigginton(notes) wigged out on first base umpire Gary Darling after J.J. Hardy(notes) was ruled safe in a rundown. Wigginton felt he had tagged both of Hardy's hands — an assumption later confirmed by Darling after he had seen the replay — and his conviction was made clear with an immediate eruption that included belly bump contact with Darling. That will likely earn him a suspension from the league office, but Wigginton apparently wanted to make sure his point was heard.

"I felt he was out," he said.

• After Hardy came around to score on a Drew Butera(notes) single, pitching coach Rick Kranitz sarcastically cheered and clapped so that the umpires could hear him. He was immediately ejected by home plate umpire Bill Hohn, who called Kranitz's actions "unprofessional and uncalled for.

• Interim Juan Samuel (right) — who had separated Wigginton and Darling only a few minutes earlier — ran onto the field to protest Kranitz's hook. His pump must have been primed, because he angrily threw his hat to the ground and was ejected for his ranting and raving.

"I don't think I was angry tonight. I just didn't think Kranny deserved to be thrown out," Samuel said.

"Kranny didn't say anything. That's what I was trying to tell Bill Hohn. Kranny did not say anything. I was trying to tell him, 'How can you blame Kranny when one of your guys blew the call?'

"Kranny didn't deserve that. He didn't miss the call."

Samuel probably won't want to miss the call that's coming from the league after the trio of outbursts, but it's good to see some signs of life from baseball's worst team, even though they're 30-65 and already 30.5 games behind the New York Yankees in the AL East.

Now if they could only improve on that Weaver impression by actually winning some games.

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