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It's one thing to read a roundup of trade reactions when the receiving fanbase is busy blowing up balloons and hanging streamers for a reinforcement named Roy Oswalt(notes) who agreed to leave Houston.

It's quite another — read: much more fun — to peruse all the complaining when a team like the Minnesota Twins runs into a thin relief market and is forced to give up a top prospect like catcher Wilson Ramos(notes) for Washington Nationals closer Matt Capps(notes).

So let's cut to the chase. Here's a collection of Land o' Lakes takes — with one Washington "woo-hoo!" and a typical Pittsburgh lament thrown in — on how the Twins overpaid for bullpen help.

Fetch, Twinkie Talk: "Bill Smith took his biggest trade chip, arguably the best catching prospect in the minor leagues (and I mean true catching prospect, Yankees fans) and turned him into a reliever with one more year of arbitration left ... Let's read that again: the 58th best prospect in the game according to Baseball America, a guy who is a lock to stay behind the plate, is going for a reliever who had a 4.90 FIP last year."

Aaron Gleeman: "No one would ever suggest that trading Ramos for a reliever who's slightly better than (Jon) Rauch is a sound idea, yet by focusing on the save statistic the Twins have done just that and many fans will instinctively be on board with the move for an 'established closer.' Now, don't get me wrong: Capps is a quality reliever and represents a clear upgrade to the Twins' bullpen. What he's not is an elite reliever or enough of an upgrade to part with Ramos." 

John, Twins Geek: "If there is ONE position that the Twins have plenty of internal options, it's that of right-handed reliever. We've been waiting for Anthony Slama(notes), Kyle Waldrop and Rob Delaney to show what they can or can't do for months, but the excuse has been that they couldn't be added to the 40-man roster. And that excuse was B.S. ... Instead they traded away one of their better prospects for pennies on the dollar. You tell me which is more valuable. The roster moves for the Twins have been pennywise and pound-foolish all season, and the pound came due today."

SethSpeaks: "Matt Capps makes the 2010 Minnesota Twins a little bit better. How much better? I don't think he is a difference-maker, by any means. I think Wilson Ramos is a very good prospect and that he was expendable for the Twins. I just think they could have received something more for him. But maybe they really couldn't and this was the best they could actually get for him."

Chris Needham, Capitol Punishment: "The really fun (trades) are the ones like this where they're making a free-talent acquisition. They turned a little bit of cash that they used to sign a free agent into an honest-to-god prospect. Even if whatever-the-hell-his-name-is turns out to be the next Wil Nieves(notes), it's a good move.

Andy Smith, Bugs & Cranks: "This is so effing typical." 

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