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Truth: Peter Moylan’s fiancée looks better in a dress than he does

Having once shaved his head into a Dr. Phil-John Smoltz style 'do in the middle of a pennant race, we know that Atlanta Braves reliever Peter Moylan(notes) is no stranger to trying to inspire a rally by channeling a unique fashion statement.

Now he's also no stranger to trying his fiancée's clothes on after a night on the town.

On Wednesday night, an admittedly under-the-influence Moylan thought he'd make a run at 20,000 followers for his @petermoylan Twitter account. So he tweeted a photo of his better half modeling the dress she plans to wear to the upcoming ESPY awards.

Then, as the rest of us were responding with a well-deserved "hubba, hubba," Moylan got his Tyler Perry on and tweeted a picture of himself wearing a different black dress.

Was Moylan's move of filling your tank with nightmare fuel worth a Twitter follow? That's up for you to decide, but a subsequent tweet made a pretty good case to keep tabs on the entertaining Aussie:

Truth: Peter Moylan’s fiancée looks better in a dress than he does

FYI — The above tweet isn't the reason that Moylan remains on the 60-day DL with an injured back that he recently had surgery on.

Or at least we don't think it is.

Big BLS H/N: Deadspin

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