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As you might know, the definition of a true achievement here at Big League Stew is when another person immediately presents you with a painting of yourself.

So congratulations, Trevor Hoffman(notes)! Inspiring Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin to break out the easel and complete a detailed work that even includes your Nike shoes — though sadly no hidden George Webb advertisement — is a feat that shall hang right above 600 career saves on your mantel as one of the game's greatest relievers.    

Melvin (who probably just dipped into Mark Attanasio's pocket and commissioned the art) wasn't the only one celebrating Hoffman reaching 600.

A Waukesha man couldn't contain his premature excitement and was ejected in the seventh inning after yelling (but not swearing, he says) at Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina(notes). Afterward, Brewers fans snapped up 1,000 special edition T-shirts in 20 minutes, and Prince Fielder(notes) confirmed our suspicions that he'd be a good guy to carry someone around the field (but not be carried around himself.) 

Meanwhile, in the media world ... Fanhouse's Tom Krasovic celebrated Hoffman's body fat readings, the Hall of Very Good wondered why the WWL wasn't making a bigger deal of it and ESPN's Rob Neyer expressed his wish that Hoffman stop at 600 so we can all have a round number to remember his career saves total by. 

Here on Big League Stew, all we have to offer is the roundup above and a very big BLS head nod. (We'd get to work on our own art, but we can't find that giant box of Crayolas.)

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